Thursday, January 7, 2010

1st! oh, wait... Blog #2

So its my turn to do the blog, eh? Well, I suppose I could give y'all a little bit of an idea as to whats going down here. Well, where to start. Let me check and see what Andy and Scott wrote... ok here goes.
So basically, today we woke up to the breakfast that we have come to treasure dearly. Not unlike Loretta's omlets, it is a highly anticipated treat. This morning, we were greeted by some curry, dosai, idly, and other delicious things with odd names. Yesterday, I really enjoyed the fresh grape juice, and this morning, I was given a glass of fresh squeezed watermelon-y goodness instead. Amazing stuff.
After breakfast, we travelled to IIT (picture of us in the tree), where we spent most of the day. Kent, Garrett, and Andy gave their presentations (for Andy, this is the first of, like, 50 he has to do), we toured the school, and were allowed to sit in on a decision making processes in memory class. I think that was the name. Ask me later when I am not as tired. Anyway, we then saw some of the amazing tech coming out of the college, such as a 15km range WiFi sort of deal and a really (comparatively) inexpensive ATMs for the rural areas of India. Again, more specifics at a later date.

From IIT, we left for a Hindu (props to Dr. K.) temple.

Can't currently remember the name, but the intricate carvings were astonishing. The main temple was OVER 9000 inches high (actually, more like 100ft) and was multi-tiered. Each tier held many, many carvings of gods and goddesses and were painted as many or more different colors. At least, I was told they were colorful. I happen to be slightly colorblind, so I will take their word for it. We also went to see the butter ball, which was this amazingly large rock that was balanced on the edge of another rock at a tilted over at an angle.

This evening, we went to the Spencer's mall. This place is absolutely gigantic. Aside from the Mall of America, this is the largets shopping complex I have been in. Three or four stories in three or four different sections. Massive. Also, first power outage experienced at this mall. All the lights went out while Scott, Ethan and I were trying to buy ice cream. It was a little odd at first, but not too bad.
Finally we hopped rick-shaws (I hope I am spelling that correctly) back to the hotel and to the restaurant for dinner. Ricks are interesting. The guys who drive them seem to be either the coolest or most stick-in-the-mud people around. There is something about being on a covered tricycle going 50mph litterally 6 inches or less away from other cars that reminds you you're alive. Lots of fun, kinda scary. There is no way that their driving is efficient. Its not log(n). Not even linear. I would say, probably somewhere in the n^n efficiency range...
I feel as though, like Andy said, I cannot give a detailed enough description of what's going on here (though by this point you have probably checked to see how much longer this goes on. Should have found the .length when you started...) There are so many stories, inside jokes, and general hilarity that ensues so often that I can scarcely scratch the surface, and its only day 2. So, I will leave you to your imaginations and will just say that we are well, God is good, we love you all, and keep praying for us. The prayer cover has already helped immensely, and I can't even imagine what we would do without the support you are all lending.

Missing my fiancee and wanting a PB&J sammich,
Jason Heide