Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog post #1

Hello to everyone, and welcome to blog post #1! (Since this is a computer science trip, I had to make sure the posts indexed from zero. For everyone that doesn’t get that joke, I’m sorry. For everyone who does...well, I’m sorry too. It was in bad taste.)
That being said, greetings to all who have been thinking of us and making mention of us in your prayers. First of all, let me express my gratitude for that. Let me tell you -- when you're in India, riding on roads with rules no one follows, you really place value on those prayers. In case you aren't familiar with Indian road etiquette, here are some guidelines:
1. Unlike America and England, where people drive on the right or left side of the road respectively, people in India drive equally on both sides. This makes for some interesting situations.
2. Horns are used for everything here. Some common uses include:
• “Get out of my way”
• “I have a horn, and love the 120 db sound it can produce”
• “I am currently tailgating you and don’t want to die”
• “I just took a breath of air”
• “I have yet to fill my ‘Horn Quota’ for the month”
3. There is never too small a space for a car, motorcycle, or rickshaw to squeeze into. No joke, we missed hitting other cars by mere centimeters at times.
Needless to say, it’s been insane. I’m pretty sure I’ll be much more maniacal of a driver when I get back to the states. Just kidding, Mom and Dad!
We also appreciate your prayers in allowing things to move smoothly. Going into this trip, we knew our plans would foremost be written on the fly (again, my apologies for the bad CS puns). So, it came as no surprise when all of our checked baggage didn’t arrive at the airport with us. A bit unfortunate I must admit, but the airline assured us that it will be here tomorrow (Thursday the 7th), and that they will deliver it to our hotel. Just in time, too. I haven’t brushed my teeth in like five days now, and I feel like I have OVER 9000 cavities (if my dentist is reading this, then sorry...actually, if my dentist is reading this, I’ll be pretty creeped out).
That’s about all I feel the need to say for now. I wish I could summarize India in a pithy phrase or two (and maybe even work in another bad CS pun), but this experience of the senses – both spiritual and physical – in such stark contrast to what we’re all accustomed to, is too much to limit to words. (Sorry for how epic that last sentence was – I didn’t mean to sound like Aragorn rallying his troops.) Personally, I love answering pointed questions about India. Send us emails. Remind us we’re loved. And continue to keep us in your prayers.
Andy Throgmorton