Saturday, January 23, 2010


This picture is of the water palace in Jaipur. The lake is on the outskirts of Jaipur, and right before we took this picture, we had been up on top of a mountain looking down on this site. The sun was setting and the scene was potentially more beautiful than this picture. On the day this picture was taken, we visited Amber fort. It was amazing, and the walls that extended from the palace were simply amazing. They ran all over the country side. We could see them from the top of the palace. Another really cool thing about this fort was that it was basically a labyrinth. Not like a labyrinth that you'd get horribly lost in, but a labyrinth that was really fun to explore. I spent like 2 hours just running around these dark passageways trying to find ways to get to the top floor or to the balcony that overlooked the courtyard. For dinner that night we ate on top of the hotel that we were staying at. The service wasn't exactly the fastest, but it was still one of my favorite nights on the trip. The entire dinner took about 3 hours, but we all took it in stride and spent it talking and reflecting. I learned a lot about my travel-mates that I never would have, so I really had a good time. Plus the place that we ate in was really cool. It was basically this huge tent that was on the very top of the hotel. The weather was pleasant, and we could step outside to enjoy the clear night sky. Overall Jaipur was a very pleasant experience.

This picture below practically explains it's self. We're obviously creating a human replica of the Taj Mahal.
-Josh Boyden
The Taj Mahal was absolutely fantastic. I was blown away at the size of it since pictures cannot even get close to showing off its immense dimensions. The back left tower in our great recreation in this picture is missing because security was really tight here and apparently climbing on someone else's back is a security threat, so we got whistled before we could complete it.

We stayed here for several hours and just admired the marble architecture.
Leaving the Taj we were all bombarded again with shop owners begging us to come in. They were even more persistent here than normal, and they would actually barter with each other to prove that they had the lowest prices. Two sellers were going after my business and I just sat back and watched as they offered me the same thing for lower and lower prices. It eventually got down to 5 rupess from 250!
The Taj Hotel where we stayed left a few things to be desired, but we met several other world travelers at the bon-fire and talked for hours into the night. We left the next day to go back to Delhi.
-Scott Pfursich