Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sinhagad Fort

On January 16th we went to church on campus at Spicer College. It was a Seventh Day Adventist church. It lasted about 2 hours. After that we were invited to a potluck lunch where we got to meet the president of the college. That was pretty cool. The plan for the day was to visit Sinhagad Fort also known as The Lion’s Fort. The road up to the fort was so narrow that our bus was not allowed to go up to it. So instead we took some jeeps up to fort. Going up the cliffside road in a jeep was a very exciting experience for all of us.

The fort itself rests on a hill about 800 meters high. It played an important role in major battles throughout the years but the most important battle was the battle of Singhad in 1670. The way it was taken was very interesting. The Maratha used monitor lizards with ropes attached to climb up the walls of the fort. Once they made it up to top they used little children to climb the ropes since they were lightweight and they had bigger ropes attached to them so the soldiers could climb them. Then the Maratha soldiers climbed up the ropes but after over 300 of them got to top the rope gave out and those who were still climbing up the rope fell to their deaths. This whole plan took place at night so they took the fort completely by surprise.

David Watne